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The Freedom Association calls on Hammond and Perry to go

With their comments over the past week concerning Brexit and its supporters, both Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and Energy Minister Claire Perry are unfit to be in the government. The Freedom Association calls on both to be sacked. 

As fears remain over divisions within government, remarks made by the Chancellor about the UK choosing a 'middle way' with Brexit at Davos have implied that the country is heading for 'Brexit in name only' (BRINO) - which is not something that the country voted for. Added to this, remarks made by Claire Perry about Brexit voters being 'swivel-eyed' old men show how out of touch these two are not just with the government but with the country at large. 

Further, it is not the first time that either of these members of the government's front bench has created discord. Philip Hammond has repeatedly been accused of seeking a Norway style agreement - something that even Jeremy Corbyn has now dismissed - along with Claire Perry who once called Brexiteers 'jihadis' in the House of Commons (something that she later apologised for). 

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Photo credit: Chris McAndrew for Parliamentary Digital Services.

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