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The Freedom Association’s response to the terror attack in Manchester

The thoughts of everyone at The Freedom Association are with the family and friends of the 22 innocent people (many of them children) who were brutally murdered in Manchester last night. At the time of writing, there are children in operating theatres, with parents refusing treatment, so they can be near them. Sadly, the death toll could rise.

This despicable and cowardly attack has shocked us all, and at this tragic time we praise the emergency services for their professional response and to those residents nearby who did everything they could to assist those fleeing the scene.

Our security services do a magnificent job in protecting us by thwarting many terrorist attacks. Sadly, they cannot thwart every one. No doubt the police and security services will have been working through the night to apprehend anyone else involved in the planning of this outrage.

The Freedom Association feels that the initial response has shown the strength of our society, which is something that will not break in the face of these kinds of attacks.



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