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We have won one battle, but the war isn't over yet

The Government announced earlier this week that vaping should be allowed in offices and enclosed public spaces  in order to “maximise” access to safer alternatives to smoking. This is good news and follows on from our report last year on the vaping policies of councils, and the way councils treat their members of staff who vape. 

The Government has also said that it will use our impending exit from the European Union to look again at the Tobacco Products Directive, with regard to electronic cigarettes. Again this is good news and one of the aims of this campaign is to get those restrictions removed. 

I have worked in politics for many years and experience tells me that there is a long way to go before pledges and aspirations turn into policies. We have won one battle - the battle to get the Government to realise that there is a problem. The war, however, is far from won. 

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