PRESS RELEASE: Two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence


Two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence. The Freedom Association supports Julian Lewis MP in his call for increased defence spending


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After the Prime Minister's statement to the House of Commons regarding Russia, the Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP, chair of the Defence Committee and a member of The Freedom Association, commented during a question that "two per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence."

The Freedom Association completely agrees with him and supports his call for increased defence spending. 

Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, said:

"One of our Eight Principles of a Free Society is "strong national defences". We completely agree with Dr Lewis that 2 per cent of GDP is not enough to spend on defence. It wasn't enough before this latest attack by Russia - even more so now. 

"Defence of the realm is the first duty of any government. We are not doubting Theresa May's commitment to defend our country - she proved that in her statement yesterday, however, we urge her to increase defence spending to ensure we are capable of dealing with threats we face in an increasingly hostile world."




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