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Australian Senator travels in Vape Force One

Australia's vaping laws really do take some understanding. Basically, as explained in this post on

"The baseline is that because nicotine is classed as a Schedule 7 poison in Australia, it’s illegal to sell it except as a licensed medication.

"That means disposable e-cigarettes or cartridges that contain nicotine are not for sale right across the country, but nicotine free ones and refillable devices can be sold unless state law bans them."

Take a look at these infographics and you will see that the law in Australia is all over the place. 

The Legalise Vaping campaign decided to go on a tour of marginal seats in multiple states using 'Vape Force One', a bus promoting the campaign and calling for the ban to be lifted. 

Australian Senator, Cory Bernardi, lent his support by taking the bus for a lap around Parliament House in Canberra last week to help raise the profile of the campaign. (Click here to view a photograph of him outside the bus)

If you have friends or relatives in Australia, please tell them about this important campaign. There are many restrictions we would like lifting in the UK, but at least we do have a legal right to vape e-liquid containing nicotine. This is a right that should be extended to all Australians. 

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