Better Off Out opposes a potential May v Corbyn debate

Responding to the story in the Daily Telegraph that Theresa May wants a live televised debate with Jeremy Corbyn, Andrew Allison, Head of Campaigns, said:

"This is something we should resist. We are not in the middle of a general election campaign. The broadcasters will love the idea as it is good for them. Instead of debating the issues, they will be billing this as the heavyweight championship of the world with a build up going on for days. It will also be a biased Remain v Remain fight without a Brexiteer in sight. It would be a distraction - one we can do without as the future of our country as a sovereign nation hangs in the balance."


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The Freedom Association


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  • Adam Hiley
    commented 2018-12-03 23:30:30 +0000
    a debate between two shifty liars no thanks I can’t wait to both of these two nonentities cast out to the political wilderness get rid
  • Ron Miles
    commented 2018-11-26 20:31:09 +0000
    Include Nigel Farage.