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Blair’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

Tony Blair continued his quest to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union yesterday with an interview on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. His claim? That immigration can be restricted while the UK still remains a member of the so-called EU Single Market and Customs Union. Commentators, politicians and the public are up in arms at the sheer brass neck Tony Bliar is showing. As many of the newspapers have pointed out, it is hollow and hypocritical of Blair to make this claim when, on his watch, the borders of the UK were extended. Once again, it shows that the likes of Tony Blair cannot be trusted.

The logic behind Blair’s argument was that immigration was a key reason behind the Brexit vote and, with restrictions, people will be less likely to accept leaving. However, he underestimates the British people’s desire to control their own affairs. The prime reason for Leave voters in last year’s referendum was to take back control of our law making process. It was made clear during the referendum that a Leave vote would allow this to happen. If we were to remain the Single Market and As a Customs Union, as currently the case, we would have to accept the jurisdiction and control of the European Court of Justice and EU Commission. This is unacceptable.

It is a sad fact that remoaners like Tony Blair cannot accept the settled will of the British people. This also goes for many in the Labour Party that will vote against the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill this evening. The point is that here, along with the pro-EU marches that happened over the weekend, there are still groups and thousands of (well-heeled) people looking to keep the UK in the EU.

As a result, our campaigning activity has been heightened. Over the weekend we released the first of hopefully many leaflets that we plan to print and deliver across the country (see below). However, this all depends on funds. We must keep reminding voters why they voted Leave and the benefits for the UK of doing so. We must continue to push forward the grassroots desire for Brexit – and counteract the Blairite machine that is looking to frustrate it.

If you want to help push forward to positive reasons why we voted to Leave – and the benefits of Brexit – please donate to Better Off Out and our Stop Blair Campaign and help campaign keep up the campaign for Brexit.

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