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COMMENT: Scrapping EU vaping laws would improve health and boost the economy

Writing for Brexit Central, Andrew Allison explains why the restrictions imposed on vapers and the vaping industry by the European Union's Tobacco Products Directive, should be scrapped. 

"The e-cigarette market was, until recently, perhaps the closest thing we had to a genuine free market. A relative lack of regulation, compared to what it is now, allowed the market to innovate in ways we seldom see. 

"As the vast majority of those using e-cigarettes are either current or former smokers, the innovations also have huge health benefits. According to the Royal College of Physicians, e-cigarettes are at least 95 per cent safer than combustible tobacco, and Public Health England has acknowledged that they are the number one quit aid in the country. This is a success story, so you would think that the urge to regulate them out of existence would be resisted. Sadly not, and the worst culprit is the European Union."


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