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Lib Dem MP looks to undermine individual freedom and democracy

In a press release sent by the Liberal Democrats, Ed Davey argues that any climb down from the UK’s membership to the European Arrest Warrant will threaten national security.

In response, the Director of Better Off Out, Rory Broomfield, writes:

“Once again the Liberal Democrats prove that they are neither liberal nor that they believe in democracy. The European Arrest Warrant undermines individual, juridical and political freedom. It goes against over 800 years of British legal traditions and individual freedoms.

For the Lib Dems to claim that changing the European Arrest Warrant system will undermine national security is laughable. Other countries around the world – including in Europe – have different extradition arrangements with the EU, and they work just fine for them.

In the EU Referendum, the British people voted to take back control of our political and legal systems. The British people don’t want to be wedded to the EU court system any longer.

Ed Davey’s comments on the European Arrest Warrant show that the Liberal Democrats have no faith in either Britain’s political or judicial processes.”


Notes to Editors

The Freedom Association and Better Off Out have long campaigned against the European Arrest Warrant.

When a backbench MP, the current Brexit Secretary, David Davis, wrote in the Sunday Times that “[t]he EAW has resulted in far too many miscarriages of justice, too many instances of innocent men and women being torn from their families, subjected to terrible conditions and shorn of the rightful protections and standards of the British justice system.”

Press Release from the Liberal Democrats:


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