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Our former President, Christopher Gill, in the Telegraph

Our former President and Maastricht rebel, Christopher Gill, wrote an excellent article for yesterday's Telegraph. 

"Fully expecting to be detained overnight at the Speaker's pleasure in Bell Tower, I took the precaution of taking a thermos with me when I set off to the House of Commons on my foolhardy mission on Tuesday - the first day of the debate on Theresa May's appalling capitulation agreement for exiting the benighted European Union.

"I've got form when it comes to matters European. 25 years ago, I was one of a tiny band of backbenchers who ran John Major close when, by a combination of subterfuge and strong-arm tactics, he rammed the Maastricht Treaty (the Treaty of European Union) through the House of Commons, against the better judgement of more than a few of his Parliamentary colleagues. As is well known, that particular episode in Britain's fraught association with the EU didn't end well as it led to the utter rout of the Conservative Party at the ensuing General Election, just as surely as the Withdrawal Agreement will have consequences whenever the British people are next invited to cast their ballots.

"My one-man protest on Tuesday was strictly against the rules. Visitors to the House galleries are not supposed to create disturbances and as far as the general public is concerned, they can no longer do so because of the armour plate glass that now separates the plebs from their elected representatives"

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Photo Credit: Euro Realist Newsletter

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