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Public Health England once again backs e-cigarettes

Public Health England (PHE) backed e-cigarettes as a quit aid during its 'Stoptober' campaign last year. It teamed up with the independent British Vape trade Association (IBVTA) during that campaign. 

The Vaping Post reports that PHE has once again teamed up with the IBVTA this month as it launches another campaign. Here's an extract:

"Since the PHE’s statement is 2016 pointing out that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than their combustible counterparts, a number of studies also indicating the same results have been published. Efforts by the PHE and IBTVA have contributed greatly to the general attitude towards e-cigarettes in the UK, and data has indicated that thanks to the widespread use of the products, the country is now boasting the second lowest smoking rates in Europe and the lowest ever reported locally."

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