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Rory Broomfield: Osborne’s in denial

Writing for Comment Central, Rory Broomfield says that since last year’s EU Referendum, there has been good news in abundance, but try telling that to George Osborne and co.

Things happen in life that we might not like. We have to deal with them and move on. However, there are some events in life that people feel unable to let go. It seems that, to much of the press, Brexit is that issue.

Yesterday the ONS announced that UK unemployment has dropped to 1.49 million – its lowest level since 1975, the year of the referendum to remain in the European Economic Community. Did we see a flow of headlines showing the good news from our friends at The Guardian, etc? No. It wasn’t even mentioned on The Independent’s website.

Yet, it wasn’t just that some newspapers wished to ignore the good news. Others wished to play up negatives. This included the London Evening Standard, the newspaper edited by the former Chancellor and proponent of ‘Project Fear’, George Osborne.



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