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The condescending Emily Maitlis just can't help herself

I gave up watching Newsnight on BBC Two years ago, pretty much at the same time as Jeremy Paxman hung up his boots. Rather like Channel 4 News, the presenters don't try to mask their metropolitan left-wing biases. Probably the most condescending (and humourless) of the lot of them is Emily Maitlis. 

Watch the interview below with Rod Liddle. Rather than talk about his latest book, she tries to harangue him about the various columns he writes. She accuses him of spewing bile week after week. Hardly unbiased interviewing, but she keeps on getting away with it.

The BBC forces us pay for this rubbish and contribute to her £260,000 a year salary. They must think that she is worth it. I beg to differ. 

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