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The Metropolitan Police and security services did a fantastic job in Westminster yesterday

When the police gets it wrong, they are rightly criticised, but when they get it right, few seem to come forward to offer their praise. I would like to put on the record on behalf of The Freedom Association our grateful thanks to the police and security services who foiled a potential terrorist attack in central London yesterday. After witnessing their professionalism, I for one feel safer.

Four pedestrians were tragically killed last month when Khalid Masood drove a vehicle on the pavement across Westminster Bridge. He then went on to fatally stab PC Keith Palmer. Even though those Metropolitan Police officers handling the incident knew that one of their colleagues was down, the way they handled the situation was textbook.

The police and security services do a very difficult job keeping us safe from those who seek to destroy our freedoms and way of life. Today is an appropriate day to thank them.

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