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Theresa May offers Brexit in name only - and the deal is only going to get worse

Responding to the proposals agreed by the cabinet at Chequers yesterday, Andrew Allison Head of Campaigns at The Freedom Association, said:

"What Theresa May and her fellow Remainers railroaded through cabinet yesterday - her so-called third way - could very easily be a third rail for the Conservative Party. The common rulebook for goods means that we will effectively remain in the single market for goods. It means that some 90 per cent of British businesses who do not export will have to stick to EU rules.

"Trade deals in some areas are possible under these proposals, but they would be highly unlikely. Forget the offer on the front page of the Daily Express today. We won't be able to sign a comprehensive trade deal with the USA. It simply can't happen. This is BRINO - Brexit In Name Only. 

"But what really concerns me is that this is the Government's opening offer. It's hardly surprising it is being welcomed by Brussels. With so many concessions already on the table, the EU is going to demand further concessions which Theresa May is bound to grant. Preparations for a no deal Brexit are being accelerated, so we are told, but I do not believe for one moment the Prime Minister's mantra, "no deal is better than a bad deal". We already have a bad deal on the table. This deal is going to get worse. 

"I have spent the last week talking to ordinary leave voters in seven constituencies. The majority of leave voters I spoke to told me that we are not going to get the Brexit we voted for and that we are going to be screwed. The voters are not stupid. They have hit the nail on the head. And they are angry. 

"We need to fight Theresa May tooth and claw." 


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