Tory MP reports "abusive" pensioner to the Police

Pensioner Linda Banahan wrote to Eddisbury Conservative Association, and out of courtesy, copied-in her MP, Antionette Sandbach. ‘I hope the Eddisbury Conservatives will seriously consider deselecting her [Sandbach] for such a selfish and self-centred betrayal of the party and country', she said. She also commented, unsurprisingly, that she could no longer vote for Sandbach because of her disloyalty to Theresa May and the Conservative Party. 

They are hardly abusive words, but the reply that Mrs. Banahan received from Sandbach was astonishing. 

‘Your email address has been added to my blocked email as there is a strict policy against abusive emails operated by this office and your email has also been reported to the police', came the reply. 

What does she expect the police to do? Go around and harass a pensioner because she thinks that her MP should be deselected by the local Conservative Association?

The police have better things to do with their time, and thankfully Cheshire Police have confirmed that they are not investigating the email. But what Sandbach has tried to do is shameful. She reported Mrs. Banahan because she called for her deselection. I too call for her deselection. She is an utter disgrace. But to prevent a constituent from being able to contact their MP because the constituent doesn't like them, is an abuse of power. It's an attempt to shut down free speech and take away representation. 

Sandbach should have the Conservative whip withdrawn, and Mrs. Banahan deserves a full apology. 


Photo Credit: Official Portrait of Antoinette Sandbach (Cropped 3:4 portrait) 

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  • Carolyn Bloor
    commented 2019-03-07 18:48:13 +0000
    Ms Sandbach really does need to understand the meaning of “wasting police time”. This lady was perfectly entitled to express her view. And yet Sandbach is accusing our PCC of wasting time and money on reviewing the policing of the hunt in Cheshire. Time you represented the view of the MAJORITY of your constituents MS Sandbach and stopped representing your personal bias. You are truly, truly a disgrace.
  • Leslie Smallman
    commented 2018-06-11 22:36:58 +0100
    MP should at least be charged with wasting police time!