WATCH: Lord Cavendish of Furness defends Brexit

in an excellent speech in the House of Lords yesterday, Lord Cavendish of Furness proudly defended Brexit against the attacks of Remoaner Peers. This is how he concluded his speech:

"Since the dawn of time, far earlier than the Magna Carta, in these soggy islands—places of such beauty and enduring romance—it was established that we would be governed by consent and not by diktat. The settlement has at intervals been challenged by the Norman invasion, by the Stuarts and, dare I say it, by families like my own, who from time to time got out of control and had to be reined in. These same people I met on the campaign trail also understood why their ​parents and grandparents suffered and gave their lives so that we, their successors, could enjoy the golden benefits of the rule of law and breathe the sweet air of freedom. I have inherited their passion and, in consequence, ask for this Bill to be given safe passage."

Do watch it. You won't regret it.

Click on the image below to watch his speech. Click here to read it in Hansard. 



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  • Erik Pagniez
    commented 2019-03-13 23:00:47 +0000
    Petit cou cou de Calais garde un bon souvenir de son humour ,de sa charmante épouse..lors de belles journées de chasse au faisan .Messieurs les français tirez les premiers..ERIK PAGNIEZ …Le Brexit ne peut effacer bons souvenirs…J’ai vu une famille humble bonne et très respectueuse de leur entourage