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Stop Blair Campaign launched

Day-in-day-out the UK media and political environment seems blighted by the constant yada-yada of those wishing to subvert last year’s Referendum result. This was pointed out with characteristic punch last week in the Telegraph by Better Off Out patron, Lord Tebbit. What’s necessary now is for a fightback and remobilisation of support on behalf of the British public and against these actors.

To achieve this, today we launch our new email service, Brexit at Noonalong with a new  Stop Blair Campaign. This will combine a ‘fighting fund’ to help us campaign against any row back, along with a daily email sent exclusively to members of The Freedom Association and sign ups to the Better Off Out campaign during the week.

This daily email will be jam-packed full of useful information about how negotiations are progressing, the EU itself and the opportunities that we face in the wider world. It will also hit hard against the Remoaners that continually try to disrupt the Brexit process and harm this country. We will also be providing an email on the weekend. If you would prefer to just receive this weekly round-up, with a review of the main Better Off out related stories of the week, please email me on [email protected].

Brexit at Noon will be a continuation of the daily emails we sent to members and sign ups during the successful Referendum campaign, giving you updates on the latest Brexit news. It will complement other emails, such as the excellent morning briefing sent by BrexitCentral. If you wish to receive emails from Jonathan Isaby and his team, please subscribe through

The Stop Blair Campaign has an initial goal of raising £50,000 to deliver over 200,000 leaflets to households across the UK, emphasising the problem we face and putting forward the positive alternative. This is only the initial target though. I recognise that we are up against numerous foundations and organisations run by Blair, Osborne etc, with their many millions, and will need to dig deep in the months to come. With more money we will be able to do more.

The past few weeks should be a wake up call. The fight for freedom has not yet been won. Please help secure Brexit by donating to our  Stop Blair Campaign and making a stand today.

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