Top Tories try to con party members

Conservative Party members received a letter from the Prime Minister today. She is trying to sell her Chequers plan, and on the reverse of the second A4 page are quotes from senior Conservatives under the title of "The right deal for Britain". 

Liam Fox commented that "this deal will give the UK the freedom to sign our own, independent trade deals". We know that under this plan we are not going to be able to to sign independent comprehensive trade deals. He must be hoping that members are going to fall for it. I have a message for him: they're not stupid. 

When it comes to rank hypocrisy, the medal must go to Andrea Leadsom. She is quoted as saying:

"This proposal puts the power back in the hands of Parliament and gives us a lock on any new rules around trade standards. We want a positive economic partnership with the EU - but this also allows our laws to be decided directly by those we elect." 

But if you read the minutes of the Chequers meeting, you find out that:

"The Leader of the House of Commons said that she hated the proposal and regarded it as a breaching the government's red lines and not being true to the 17.2 million people who had voted for Brexit.

"Those people had known what they were voting for and the government could not just congratulate itself on knowing better than them.

"In her view, the majority of both ministers and civil servants had Remainer tendencies and what came with that was an arrogance that they knew better."

Another cabinet member who is willing to sacrifice their principles to keep themselves in office. 

There wasn't a mention of the reasons why so many resigned from the Government. No attempt to tackle those issues head on. Just another "aren't we wonderful" and "we must all give the Prime Minister our support" letter. Pathetic. 

This year's Conservative Party Conference is going to be interesting! 


Click here to read the letter in full 

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  • Samuel Goulding
    commented 2018-08-26 14:54:38 +0100
    Chequers was a few weeks ago as I write this.
    I was incensed by what Theresa May, guided by Rasputin like Olly Robbins, came up with as a solution to the arguments over how to accomplish Brexit. Just before the Chequers meeting she had promised to come up with a compromise that would SOMEWHAT respect the wishes of the British people WHO VOTED TO LEAVE. Her plan does not do anything really but keep us in the EU— but with no say at all in policies that we will be required to accept and follow.

    It is an unbelievable betrayal of what was voted for in the referendum. I could not believe what I read in what she had set out for our future relationship with the European Union.
    For the past two years, I have tried with all my heart to be supportive of our Prime minister. I even donated to the Conservatives and also became a party member. Now I am in total anger towards Theresa May and feel that she has never meant a word about what she said regarding Brexit means Brexit.

    I am surprised that there is not a mood of revolt being spoken about by the masses at her pretence.

    She is guilty of:

    1. Wasting two years of time- funded by tax payers money- of the various governmental departments who ought to have been working towards a TRUE Brexit.
    2. Lying to those of us who believed her.
    3. Lying to those who voted for the 2017 Conservative manifesto, and by extension kept the Conservatives in office.
    4. Misleading her close colleagues as to her true intent.
    5. Taking on Olly Robbins—one of the archest and most ardent Europhiles ever—into her closest circle and plotting with him how she could USURP the will of the British people.
    6. Endangering our economy due to complete lack of clarity as to how to work with whatever new set of rules we have for trading post March 29th (as of writing ONLY 215 days from today).
    7. Creating division, disunity and conflict within our country’s peoples. If it were made clear that we are getting on with Brexit, that direction would be accepted, even by most of those who voted to remain- and our country for the most part would go forward. Remember this-many Remain voting people were on the fence about the referendum—so if they saw a hopeful, courageous and bright side presented to them they would get on board with the program presented.

    Most regretfully I fail to see how she has made any strong and stable leadership at all in her two years. And I say this as I did earlier that I have really tried to support her and get others to support her too.

    In a nut shell—-I TRUSTED HER. And now I no longer do.
    It is a disillusion feeling that I have now and sadness too. Followed by ANGER for all the time and energy wasted over two, yes TWO years.

    I honestly consider that she has lost her sanity when she presents a deal to the country of the type that she has and maintains that it is a good plan/deal for the British people. I really do now consider that she is perhaps deluded and the evidence for this is in her words.

    In closing I quote—-

    “We have nothing to fear, but fear ITSELF. Nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed effort to convert retreat into advance”
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt on his inaugural address in 1933

    We British people must not retreat and be governed by fear. That is not the way of freedom, of confidence, of self belief,—and neither is it healthy for us as individuals or as a collective whole. We must not let our efforts to strive for success be paralysed by fear.

    I earnestly hope that those who are better at writing than I am, that those who have the ability to lead and influence, may take up this mantle to win over hearts and minds within our country and deliver us successfully out of the EU.

    May we gain true freedom and a great future as a result. May we share that freedom, that great future, and the prosperity that leads from it with others throughout the world.

    We are a great country, we expect greatness! Let’s do it.