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Will you sponsor a 'Better Off Out' Street Stall?

We may not have the £billions of Soros, but what we have is passion. It was that passion and sheer hard work that won us the referendum in 2016. But because the forces of Remain have united to thwart the largest democratic vote in the history of our great country, we need to roll-up our sleeves and fight again for Brexit.

Once again, The Freedom Association is taking the lead. We plan to hold street stalls to raise awareness of why we voted Leave on 23rd June 2016. We intend to galvanise Leave voters to put pressure on their MPs to ensure we have a proper Brexit - not Brexit in name only.

In the coming weeks we will be visiting Loughborough to talk to Nicky Morgan’s constituents. We will also be in Totes (Sarah Wollaston), Broxtowe (Anna Soubry), and a raft of Labour seats that voted solidly to leave, but have Remainer MPs who want to render the Leave vote meaningless.  

It costs £100 to fully equip a street stall with all the campaign materials required. Will you help us by sponsoring one?

Click on the image above to sponsor a stall


The Remainers are very well funded. We will never be able to match them pound for pound, but what we lack in money we more than make up for in commitment, passion, and pride for our country.

We cannot do this without you. 


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